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About Us

American Aerospace Components is a 2nd generation business that originated in 1965.

Our goal is to provide ready inventory of mil-spec hardware for Military and Aerospace customers, worldwide.

Many of our trusted clients have been burdened by long factory lead times inherent in this industry. Our innovative approach to manufacturing provides clients with fast access to quality products with shorter lead times and lower minimum order quantities (MOQ’s). Our clients are therefore able to complete projects faster and minimize the uncertainty and unreliable expectations set by the usual industry standards. 

Our Capabilities

Our manufacturing capabilities include, but are not limited to, bearings, brackets, pins, switch guards, hose assemblies, UPS systems, and much more. AAC has an extensive database with over hundreds of thousands of U.S. government and OEM drawings for the manufacture of spare and hard to find parts.

In addition, we have collaborated with Falcon Electric, Inc., a leading manufacturer of award-winning UPS systems, to provide more solutions for our clients. Falcon products are made, designed, tested, and packaged in the USA.

As our capabilities expand to meet our growing and diverse customer requirements, our product lineup is also growing. Our pleasure is researching and accommodating even the toughest and hardest to find customer requests.

From quality control to shipping and handling, our customers can be confident that their orders and merchandise are in professional hands and handled accordingly. Our business thrives on repeat customers who have grown accustomed to our customer-first philosophy.

Thank you for visiting our website and taking the time to get to know us. We look forward to the opportunity of exceeding your expectations.

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